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At Regency Aesthetics, we offer top quality non-surgical cosmetic and facial procedures in London’s renowned Harley Street area, all at an affordable price. All our procedures are tailored to suit you as an individual, whatever your needs or concerns about the way you look. Many of our treatments can be performed in the time it takes to have your lunch. Many also produce instant results, giving you the confidence you deserve and allowing you to return to your normal duties the same day.

We offer the following medical aesthetic treatments and procedures to help you reverse the signs of ageing and rejuvenate your body:

  • Non-surgical facelifts
  • TiteFx non-invasive fat reduction
  • Endospheres cellulite reduction
  • Laser skin treatments
  • Laser hair removal
  • Dermal fillers for facial volume
  • Lip enhancing dermal fillers
  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Restylane & Juvederm skin rehydration
  • Chemical face peels
  • Dermaroller skin microneedling
  • PRP ‘Vampire’ facials

See below for more information and how to book your non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


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Cosmetic Injectables

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