Endospheres Therapy

The Therapy

At Regency Aesthetics we believe in offering the latest state of the art treatments. For body treatments look no further then our non-surgical Endosphere Therapy.

Created in collaboration with universities and medical institutions. Endosphere Therapy has been developed for assured results against against cellulite and wrinkles.

The Endospheres Therapy treatment is 100% non surgical and is Made in Italy.

How it works

The Endospheres Therapy is a technology that uses an innovative mechanism to compressive micro-vibrations by means of a roller composed of 55 spheres of hypoallergenic silicone.

By generating mechanical vibrations at low frequency ranges directly on to the main causes of cellulite: the lymphatic stasis, the accumulation of liquids and the aggregates of adipose cells.

What are the specific actions that make this treatment
so unique at treating cellulite & blemishes?

Action on the Vascular System

The particular arrangement to “honeycomb” of vibrators organs on the cylinder, together with the micro-compression practiced on fabrics, produces a profound stimulation of vascular and metabolic level.

The fabric thus undergoes lifting that generate a “vascular gymnastics” thus favouring a major improvement of the microcirculation.

Action on the lymphatic system

The detail of the hand piece spheres movement with which it carries out the treatment, creates a “pump” effect, thanks to pulsed and rhythmic action induced by the sense of rotation of the cylinder.

This active thrust the lymphatic system, eliminating the excess toxic liquids, without causing any damage due to possible traction or skin aspirations.

Reduction of Pain

The compressive micro-vibrations with its rhythmic and pulsating action on the mechanoreceptors, creates a desensitization of the same producing the reduction / elimination of pain in a short time. This activation of the receptor, along with better oxygenation, allows the reduction of inflammation tissue, activates both forms of the painful cellulitis and lymphedema, both in rehabilitation and sports medicine. Furthermore, the significant reduction of pain in the treatment of tissues with cellulite is translation of a marked improvement in metabolism and an important reduction of toxic substances in the body.


The oscillatory action of the spheres determines the detachment of adipocytes responsible for the formation of the fibrous network that is due to the appearance of “orange peel” and disintegration of fat aggregates and fibrous septa, making them less sclerotic. This reduces blemishes and reshapes from early treatment.

Muscle toning and relaxation

The system uses compression Micro vibration on the muscle as an active resistance and thanks to vibratory stimulation, is able to obtain an optimization of the muscle tone in the treated area.

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Summary of the treatment

Procedure Time
30-90 minutes (estimated)

Back To Work
Immediate (estimated)

Not required (estimated)

Sensitivity Period
5 days (estimated)

Number of Treatments
10-12 treatments

End result 3-4 months

Duration Of Results
2 Years (estimated)

Risks & Complications
Mild redness, swelling and tenderness

More FAQs

How long does a single session of Endospheres Therapy take?

Endospheres Therapy can be carried out on the whole body, and then, depending on the parts of the body to be treated, the timing of a single session will vary from a minimum of 20 min. ca. to a maximum of 1h and 30 min. for the full body treatment.


How long does a complete treatment Endophères Therapy on the Body take?

A full body treatment involves cycles of 6, 12 or 18 sessions carried out two or three times a week, depending on the patient’s physical condition. In case of significant inflammation, severe skin laxity or excess weight, it may be necessary to carry out 24 sessions. Following a correct anamnesis, the operator will determine the number of sessions to be carried out and cadence, ie if two or three times a week. However, the minimum allowable time between a treatment and the other is to 48h, or on alternate days.


The duration of the results obtained is always dependent on certain characteristics of the patient and starting conditions, ie age, degree of inflammation, the excess of weight. Making sure to follow a healthy lifestyle, they can last up to 6-8 months . It is highly recommended to make the maintenance cycle to ensure that the results are even more stable and lasting


I have a fairly normal weight and toned body. I go to the gym and follow a healthy diet, but I have a nagging skin orange peel. Endospheres Therapy is effective in this case?

YES! Endospheres Therapy , unlike many other beauty treatments, has an important action of toning tissue , thanks to the vascular activity, metabolic and purification which stimulate a physiological restructuring of tissue and therefore an important skin resurfacing.

Recovery Time

Treatment time can vary depending on the treatment location.


Speak to your Physician prior to having any treatment done, they will be able to tell you aftercare advice for that particular IPL treatment.

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